Life List

Well! Start a blog and then let it sit idle for days afterwards! Not quite my intention, but I’m rectifying it now.

I have had this post brewing for a while, but when it came time to start working on it, I put it off and then avoided it. I have had and been adding to a life list for several months now, but really hadn’t talked about it with many people, or put it anywhere it could be seen. It’s quite daunting to put your dreams and wishes into the open. Worrying about judgement and the like. But, I’m just going to try it anyway!

 The idea was originally put forth by this site, and supported by this one, which are two of my daily reads. Also, in a rather timely happenstance, I had signed up for this course, which is all about dreaming big for yourself (how’s that for synchronicity?). I loved the idea of it, writing down everything I ever thought would be fun to try. For one reason or another (before the course started), it remained a great idea that I kept putting off until I told my friend K about it. She e-mailed me the next day, saying, “I liked that idea too. I’m on number 36, how many have you got?” Calling my bluff was the jump-start I needed and I finally got it going. The magic number most people seem to be going for is 100, and I’m still at 88, but I don’t think I will stop at 100. New dreams pop up every day.

Here is what I have so far. Some of them I will freely admit I have seen on other lists and thought, “Geat idea!” and aside from copying this whole list and claiming it as yours, please feel free to add any of mine to yours as well if they resonate with you. I think it’s part of the idea and a way for people participating to inspire each other. I hope you have as much fun creating and fullfilling yours as I have mine!

My Life List:

1 & 2. While wanting to acknowledge the existence of items 1 and 2 on my list, I am currently in talks and discussions with the Universe for them and feel strongly that I want to keep them private for now. Trust me, when they happen, you’ll know!

3. Road trip across Canada.

4. Go to Scotland and have the most awesome historical and ancient sacred sites tour.

5. A big family reunion at the farm once everyone in my family is “here.”

6. Have my kids visit the farm when they are old enough to remember it in detail, while it’s still in the family.

7. Have the farm kids picture made.

8. Have a prosperous career that I love, which gives me the opportunity to live my life the way I want to.

9. Start a blog that has a name that fits me and I love. And here it is! October 1, 2010

10. Use my green thumb to its fullest potential, such as having a vegetable garden.

11. Learn how to take great pictures with whatever camera I have.

12. Get a great camera and learn how to use it.

13. Taste 500 wines. Just let me clarify that this list is a lifetime in the making and doing—I will not be trying to accomplish this in a year! On my way, but need to start keeping track with a list…

14. Learn to enjoy cooking and make food that I love.

15. Live in a home I love, in an area that I love, for as long as I want to be there. Have this be true for every home I have.

16. Learn how to edit video on my computer.

17. Try parasailing.

18. Switch to responsibly raised meat, eggs, milk, etc.

19. Eat Italian food in Italy.

20. Eat Greek food in Greece.

21. Drink Guinness in Ireland.

19, 20 & 21a) and also see their amazing sights!

22. Visit my family in New Zealand and have lots of time to visit the whole country.

23. Be photographed by (and thereby getting to meet in person!) one of my favourite bloggers for her 1000 faces project.

24. See the Maritime and Atlantic provinces (in case #3 doesn’t come about right away, these are the only provinces I haven’t seen yet!).

25. Visit the Territories during the summer (cold weather wimp here!).

26. Spend several consecutive days being pampered at a spa.

27. Go on amazing spiritual retreats.

28. Have an annual girls’ retreat with as many of my favourite ladies as can attend.

29. Learn to cook some of my favourite exotic dishes.

30. Be a good writer, while enjoying writing whatever it is that I get to write.

31. Fill my home with beautiful, amazing artwork that I love.

32. Have at least one of those pieces of artwork be something I made/photographed/whatever.

33. Learn to knit and maybe also crochet.

34. Give creative and personal cards and gifts to family and friends (maybe on time, as well) on their special occasions.

35. Send proper thank you notes.

36. Learn how to use photography software (any recommendations that have good free trial software?).

37. Try many forms of artwork to see if I like them/have talent.

38. Sing as part of a group in front of a crowd. Which, I’ve already done, but not as a self-conscious adult.

39. Try joining a theatre group.

40. Learn to dance – I can move to the beat, but I want to learn different styles – partnered dances (swing, tango, waltz), hip-hop, belly dancing, tap, ballet, etc.

41. Find a sport I both like to do and also have talent for.

42. Have fresh flowers in my home every week for one year.

43. Be inside Stonehenge and have an amazing trip in England. Done – July 2010

44. Do that trip again, with some new sites to see, with as many of the original group as possible!

45. Find a great instructor and get back into yoga.

46. Have massages on a regular basis.

47. Learn to trust and heed my intuition.

48. Have my kids meet my Grandma.

49. Go on a fun girls’ trip. Just realized this also happened in July 2010, yippee! Amended now to say “Figure out the next one and go.”

50. Buy local as much as I can and find great farmer’s markets wherever I live.

51. Practice Reiki. This is actually on-going, because I do practice it regularly, but I am toying with the idea of “going pro,” which is where this goal stems from.

52. Take a Master level course in Reiki. Done – May 2010

53. Remind myself to be my own hero, but to also know when to ask and accept help.

54. Have a portrait done.

55. Write the journals for the kids in my family.

56. Meet my favourite bloggers, whether at a wonderful conference or at a fun meet-up.

57. Make 100 wonderful things.

58. Try 100 fancy mixed drinks (aka “girly” drinks) – again, over my lifetime, folks! I am open to suggestions, do you have a favourite?

59. Learn about alternative healing, such as properties of crystals and the like.

60. Take a jewelry making class, such as silversmithing with gemstones.

61. Try glassblowing.

62. Take a pottery class.

63. Take a photography class (or two!).

64. Learn how to make environmentally friendly, natural and organic soaps/lotions/bubble baths with beautiful and fun scents.

65. Go on wine tasting tours when I visit wine regions around the world (I would love to start with a Canadian one, any suggestions?).

66. Go to interesting spiritual places in North America.

67. Go to interesting (and safe to visit) spiritual places around the world.

68. No longer give my inner critic the time of day.

69. Go on one of those airplanes that make you weightless.

70. Get to love my work while I am at work, and leave it behind when I am living my life.

71. Start riding roller coasters again.

72. Be in much better shape at 40 than I was at 30.

73. Learn the constellations and accompanying stories and see the real thing in an observatory.

74. Speak in front of an audience comfortably.

75. Have a home/cottage surrounded by nature.

76. Conversely, live in a great, fun, safe neighbourhood with great schools.

77. Bring back some of that bold little girl I used to be!

78. To like most, if not all, photos taken of me.

79. Take “me” time on a regular basis.

80. Learn how to fly a plane.

81. Be my own boss at something I really enjoy and be great at it.

82. To live exactly where I want to live.

83. To have land and gardens to enjoy.

84. Host a fun party with confidence.

85. Be on a radio show and have fun doing it.

86. To learn to like, love and appreciate myself.

87. To find and accept prosperity and abundance for myself.

88. To live in gratitude every day.

That’s it so far… I’m going to try and put this on a separate tab where I can add and adjust as necessary. I wonder how it will look in a year’s time. Should be interesting to see. Do you have a life list? Anything you would really like to see or do in your lifetime?

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3 Responses to Life List

  1. Pearl says:

    Hey D – I came back to read your blog and I have so many entries to catch up on – great stuff! I love this list. I have one from a while back that I had written that said, “Things I want to accomplish by 29”, and since that is coming up shortly, I probably should review that – thanks for the reminder!

    My favourites were #44, yay! and I think #58 had something to do with girly drinks. This one is my favourite — Cotton Candy Cosmo — or something like that, you can get it at East Side Mario’s. They actually have cotton candy at the bottom of the glass, and they pour the drink over it! Delicious!!

    Keep on keepin on!
    P :)

  2. imperfectgem says:

    Thanks P! I will definitely have to try the Cotton Candy Cosmo, I’ve never heard of that one. Good luck to you with your list as well, and if there’s anything on it I can help you accomplish, let me know!

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