It’s Thanksgiving weekend around these parts, so I thought what more classic thing to do with my day than remind myself what I am thankful for? It’s been a year of ups, downs, excitement and frustrations (when is it not?), but it has also been quite a ride.

Things I am thankful for. By I.G., 2010 version.

My family. I don’t think there will ever be a year where this isn’t first, because I have really lucked out in this department. Immediate and extended, it’s a big group of nice people and I am proud to be among them, as well as genetically linked to them. Do we get together every Sunday for a rousing chorus of Kum-By-Ya? No. Do we have disagreements and periods of being miffed at one another? Yes, but they are usually short lived. By and large, we are happy to see each other when we can, because we don’t get to see everyone very much. It’s a good time.

My friends. You guys, I don’t know what keeps you around, but I am so very grateful. My family has to like me, you choose to. New and old, we’ve been through lots of thick and thin and you’re still there. I am so lucky. Thank you.

Who, what, where, when, why and how I am. I have much to learn and work on, but at the same time, the circumstances of everything I am feels like it fits just right.

My sense of humour. It’s wackadoo and it’s all mine.

Having access and the freedom to pursue any kind of education I wish.

This year. It’s been a complete change of pace from what I have been used to. I have rested, I have travelled, I have learned, I have meditated and I have only scratched the surface. It’s been largely good. I feel like I am ready for something I wasn’t last year; bring it on.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?

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