As in, I feel like I am lost in one these days. Labyrinths actually differ from mazes, as they are meant more for meditation and less as a challenge to get through. They don’t have dead ends or false leads. There’s a path, but it can wieldy and windy and on some patterns you really have no idea where it is taking you, other than the centre. I am currently somewhere in the wieldy part, perhaps just spinning in a little circle, trying to figure out which direction I was heading. I know where I would like to be, and other than putting one foot in front of the other, I have no idea how to get there. I feel like I am just plodding along and I could really go for a clue or two right about now.

I walked a labyrinth that’s in my area today, it’s a nice quiet little place, even though it’s right off a main road. I didn’t get any huge revelations, that’s for another day, I guess. But nice just the same.

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