I have another post I’m working on that is more of the serious navel-gazing kind, but first, I would just like to know if I am the only one who has silly dates and anniversaries stuck in her head? To be fair, it wasn’t silly when I was 9 and had saved up for something I had wanted for a long time ($12 in allowance! I forewent much candy for this). The date has stuck and I notice it almost every single year, so I thought why not acknowledge it here?

I am truly not sure how to feel about this, but as of today, my ear piercings have entered their late 20s and meandering on up to 30. I don’t know whether to be more disturbed that I have ear piercings have had the same life span as some responsible adults I know, or that this kind of thing actually takes up space in my brain (and what has it booted to stay there? Is this why I couldn’t master relative motion in physics?!).

Whatever. Happy anniversary, ear piercings! We’ve worn some fun earrings together (although let’s forget about those ones I thought were awesome in junior high. Sorry about that). Love, I.G.

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