Please forgive my fluster, but I am a little bit excited right now. I just got linked to by one of my favourite bloggers! After I got over my initial “woohoo!” reaction, I realized that anyone kind enough to click the link and visit this little blog of mine is going to see before their very eyes my last entry… In which I regale us all with the anniversary of what was, yes, a charming story of a rite of passage for a 9-year-old girl, but was essentially, a post about ear piercings. Wow.

So, welcome, readers from Chookooloonks! I promise I have a post in progress that is much more thinky and will be up soon; thus sparing you from being greeted by my musings on piercings unless you wish to read further on back.

The amazing linkage occurred because the author of Chookooloonks, Karen Walrond, asked readers about their favourite things— colours, quotes, food, etc. and she would endeavour to photograph them over the coming weeks as she counts down to the release of her new book. I am still new to commenting on blogs, I always worry I am going to say something so off-point or dumb that I’d just come to regret it. Lately though, I have been getting braver and I’ve made it a goal to get out there and support the blogs I have been enjoying for so long. So in I jumped, with my little contribution; part of which was this quote:

“Your wings already exist – all you have to do is fly” – unknown

I love this quote. It is a recent acquisition of mine, shared by another Karen, who I will link to as soon as I can get that information. It helps to remind me that I have it within me to succeed at whatever I want to do (once I figure that out!). I was happy to share it and so honoured to see it on Chookooloonks, accompanied by such a sweet photo. This will certainly help to encourage me to keep supporting my favourite bloggers. Thank you Karen! And thank you too, Karen ;-)

I find I am collecting more and more quotes that inspire me these days. Do you have a favourite quote? Do you have something else that keeps your inspiration going? I would love to hear about what is inspiring you; please share!

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