I am debating about participating in National (International?) Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), where a blogger pledges to post daily for the month of November. Considering I have only been at this for almost a month, and have not really even kept any kind of regular blogging schedule, I am thinking it would be a lot. But, if I were to try without signing up (they have topic suggestions on their website) and succeed and then not have my little “Yay, you did it!” sticker on my blog, I would feel… like I want my darn sticker! So. Try and potentially fail, or sort of try and succeed and not have anything to show for it other than 30 blog posts and an inner satisfaction…

My first exercise in not having a wrong answer! I think I might know what my really right answer is though. Now I just have to screw up my courage to sign up. Wish me luck. Anybody want to try with me?

[Edited to add: Signed up (yay!), but have no idea how to add the little NaBloPoMo badge to my sidebar. Suggestions?]

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