Here I go! Day one. Not sure what to post about, this is going to be a month full of interesting entries, I can already tell! An exercise in getting used to posting, nonetheless. One thing I would like to ask, if anyone visiting knows how to to teach this newbie how to put the NaBloPoMo badge in my sidebar (is that possible with a free WordPress account?), I am all ears!

I know! How was your Hallowe’en? Mine was good, although as a whole, I can really take or leave this holiday. I loved it as a child, we did the dress-up thing a lot and my mom would do my sister and I up in her make-up. I loved wearing her make-up. I’ve never been a fan of the stuff that comes out for Hallowe’en, but then, I never wanted to look like a ghoul, I preferred to be a princess or a queen (I may still prefer that). Nowadays, I don’t dress up, but I do enjoy handing out candy to the wee ones, which was my job last night. I also got to see my two favourite little hockey players for some pizza beforehand! Fun stuff.

Do you like Hallowe’en? Did you dress up this year?

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