How do I do this?

Beyond common sense, is it a form of the internal critic that has one second guessing what to put in a public blog? I had a little bit of inspiration this morning to write about an article of clothing I now hesitate to wear following a night in emerg for something that turned out to be an issue worthy of emerg, but firmly in the Not Serious category. However, in the middle of composing it, I thought of people who might have the same issue, but in the Very Serious category, and so I deleted it and started composing this instead.

Now, I can see where this topic could have had bigger capacity for my ignorance (should it have been given full reign) to cause some real hurt, but it did get me wondering if I was going to start second-guessing everything I wanted to write. Would there be some teeny, tiny, insignificant thing (to me) that might send someone else into a huge tailspin, should they accidentally see it? And I’m not talking about Those Who Look To Find Fault and Be Spoilers, I’m more concerned with someone who has good reason to be upset and hurt at something I said offhand without thinking. I would feel horrible about that.

So, how do you post what you do? How can I make funny observations of my vast array of idiosyncrasies, which can be a nice exercise in embracing these things that make me, me (and quite frankly would be some great blog fodder if I decide to expose you to my foibles), without hurting someone else for which this might be a real and very big thing. Am I overthinking? If I can’t make light of it, does that mean the very big thing wins, and would that do more harm than good?

I’m just thinking a-typing.

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