Wishing I Knew More Lyrics To “Hair”

Ask, and ye shall receive; compliment, and get way more information than you ever wanted!*

Yesterday, after yet another day of writing something little and quick just to stay in the game that is NaBloPoMo, I asked my dear, sweet, patient and indulging friends who read this blog if there was anything they were wanting to know about me to hopefully spark some new and more interesting posts. P responded with the most lovely compliment about my hair and asked about what I have done with it, to which I first must say a big Thank You! P also has a mighty fine head of hair and I find myself envying her funky style. I will admit, it’s more than a little flattering to get compliments like these, since I find my hair to have a mind of its own (see: one side curling under and the other side curling out), as well as a pretty twisted sense of humour. However, flattery also makes me long-winded, so P, settle in and remember, you asked for it!

I’ve done lots of things to my hair. There was the whole bald business back when I was just a wee tot (started life as a redhead, still have a few here and there), which has resulted in me never feeling the need to shave my head, since there are copious pictures of that stage floating around. I had the classic mushroom cut when I was small, until I started kindergarten. That’s when I saw a girl in my class with beautiful, thick, curly hair, so long that she could almost sit on it, and I decided I wanted hair like that too. My thin, fine, stick-straight hair would never get that long, but for several years it was at least midway down my back, with bangs.

At this point I should express my heartfelt gratitude for this, my stubbornness in keeping my hair so long, despite tangles and tears at every washing, my mother asking often if I wanted to cut it to make it easier (to which I always responded with a hearty, “No!”),  because as a child of the ’80s, this ‘do has spared me much in the way of embarrassment when looking at old pictures (well, until grade 8, anyways. Back-combed bangs and hairspray, anyone?). I should also express similar gratitude to my parents, who, when “tails” made a brief, but memorable appearance in fashion at my elementary school, would only let me do all or nothing when it came to cutting off my hair (I opted for nothing– again, yay me!).

Starting in grade 7, when I finally cut it shoulder length, there were several years where I would have a slightly different look each year and to this day can identify when photos were taken, depending on the hairstyle I was sporting in the picture. There were the 2 body (i.e. poodle) perms (again, it was the ’80s), growing out my bangs, getting bangs again, realizing I don’t like bangs anymore (and repeat). It has been various colours and stripes, I did have my version of The Rachel (not enough hair to pull off the real thing, but a savvy stylist who was able to give me something that looked good) and there was that one time where I did cut the whole shebang completely off, only to start growing it out about 6 months later. I liked the easy styling of short hair, but way my hair grows, I needed a cut almost every 2-3 weeks to keep away the dreaded “party in the back,” which, when a poor student type, is not the most economical of options. It took so long to get it back to where I liked it that I don’t see myself doing that again.

Since becoming a “grown-up,” I keep it much the same. I go chin-length every so often and grow it out again, but right now, I really like having it just past my shoulders, with long layers. I can tie it back, I can have it down, or whatever my limited styling skills will allow me to do. In recent years, some natural wave has come out of nowhere, but I have no idea how to work with it, so I style it straight. About a year and a half ago, and albeit with a little bit of economic encouragement, I realised I missed seeing my natural colour and highlights in the mirror and decided I should enjoy it while I can before the gray starts in. I think I am close to having all the coloured parts gone and I can’t wait to have a full head of my natural colour.

So that, in not so short terms, is the life and times of my hair. So, P, M and M (and anyone else who wants to contribute), what about you? You all have lovely locks, what have you done to them over the years? What is/was your favourite style?

*The first part is a well-known quote and the second part I thought up all on my lonesome, although I am likely not the first!

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