Stonehenge and me.

Lifelist item #43: See Stonehenge from the inside. Done!

I was very fortunate this summer to have gone to England for the first time, with a group of amazing people whom I have recently gotten to know. We went to Glastonbury and toured just about everywhere within a two-hour drive’s radius for two weeks. It was amazing. The English countryside is so beautiful; it’s everything you thought it was and more. I would go back in a heartbeat.

I can’t pick a favourite day or place, because every day was very different and unique from the one previous and all were amazing experiences, but definitely getting to go past the guard ropes at Stonehenge and sitting inside the ancient stone circle was a pretty big deal. I still get a shiver and a little grin of delight when I think about being inside a place that people have come to for over 5000 years for reflection and healing. It felt good to be there.

The diameter of the circle seemed smaller than I thought from the outside, but it felt really large inside. And the sarcen stones (the really big ones!) are huge. I have watched show after show on how people thought it was built (nerd alert!) and it still boggles my mind how they got those stones there; and then not only stood them up, but carved tongue-and-groove-like reinforcements and raised the lintel stones overtop of all that to secure them! So incredible to think about.

Theories abound about its intended purpose; I won’t pretend to know anything about that, but it’s something I like to let my mind wander to every now and again. Just daydreaming, thinking of the celebrations that would have been held there, the people who would have used it as a matter of course during their week or month or year. So interesting.

Now I have to figure out where I’ll go next!

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