That Wild and Wacky Subconscious

I’ve been having some funky dreams lately. Interesting, but weird. Not that mine are usually based in reality anyway, even though at the time it’s perfectly plausible that I could be fighting alien dinosaurs to save the planet. Totally believable, right? 

The other day I dreamt that I picked up a phone to talk and could only hear my own voice echoing back at me. Phone dreams always creep me out in a “the call is coming from inside the house!” kind of way (and in a way, it is!) and I woke right up. Well, after yelling f- you to the phone in the dream, and then slamming it down. I’m getting feisty in my old age ;-)

I don’t know why, but I have had dreams about phones since I was young and they always gave me the heebie-jeebies. What made it so spooky was the fact that it was always a recorded voice on them, instead of talking to anyone. Dream dictionaries tell me that talking on a phone means talking to your subconscious, which I guess means I have now verbally flipped mine the bird, ha! That’s what it gets for sending me recorded messages, telemarketer-style. Still, I wonder what it is trying to tell me. And would having a non-recorded conversation be any better (aah, that is a scary thought!)? I’ve never stayed asleep long enough to find out.

What have you been dreaming of lately? Anything wild and crazy? What do you think they mean?

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