I have a fun week coming up. My oldest nephew turns five this week, which is blowing my mind. It’s very fast, this growing business. I keep asking him if he could slow it down just a little bit so that I can catch up to this idea, but he says he can’t (I actually have asked him this more than once because his response is so earnest and so adorable, that I have to hear it again). It shouldn’t feel like a short time, my life is worlds away from where it was back then. I’ve lived in 2 other cities, there’s been another addition to their family, a lot has happened. But when I look for him, I still look for the wee peanut I met the day after he was born, the gummy baby with big smiles, or the little toddler who loved walking and running and climbing. And Peek-a-boo. Always Peek-a-boo.

I love the boy he his becoming. Sweet and thoughtful and bright. I love that he can share his thoughts and ideas and we have fun discussions now about his day and school etc. He is a great kid.

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