Be Creative!

Sometimes all I have to do is start typing and the words start to come. Other days, it sputters and stops two sentences in. This NaBloPoMo is trickier than I thought, and I went into it knowing that there would be some days I would have a hard time getting something written. I tell myself, “Okay, be creative!” Strangely, it doesn’t always seem to work; however, there are some things that I have written that I am pretty okay with.

 Already, if asked, I don’t know that I could pick a favourite post. Although hey, that hair post was pretty spectacular ;-) This is a nice thing to think about your own blog. If you write a blog, what is your favourite post? How do you find the inspiration for what you put in it? I would be very interested to know.

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2 Responses to Be Creative!

  1. Hey D – I think my favourite posts have been ones where I know that if I didn’t have a blog, I wouldn’t have expressed those thoughts at all. The specific post(s) are not coming to mind right now, but I think they become my favourite because there is an air of shedding layers, albeit slowly. The more I speak (blogspeak), the more I become comfortable with sharing what I think about, or what I come across. It feels like it spills over in my day-to-day reality.

    PS I really love that you have been posting everyday – that takes discipline and its excellent – well done! ~ P :)

    • imperfectgem says:

      Thanks P :-) I think you’re right about how the good ones do seem to express things that I wouldn’t have articulated elsewhere. Do you find that those are the posts that almost write themselves? Sometimes I don’t even consciously decide to write about something, it just morphs into that while I write (for either one disjointed post, or I end up with 2 posts about completely different things!). Also, thanks for reading, I think that takes more discipline than the writing some days!

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