Winter Begins

First day of flurries today. I realize this means we have gotten off easy when compared to some places (especially as nothing stuck), but it still makes me a little bit apprehensive of what is to come. Once the first snow has happened, there is just no escaping that the winter season is not only on its way, but has started, whether you like it or not.

I like winter and snow well enough when I don’t have to be out driving in it. I stay inside with mugs of tea and books or internet to cosy up to and can really enjoy it. I also love to be out walking in it when it’s not too cold, there’s no wind and it’s so still that you can practically hear the giant flakes hitting the ground. That’s when I can actually understand people who say it’s their favourite time of year.

It’s when there’s a place I have to be, or at least the 50 people behind me have to be (right now!), that gets me all tied up in knots. The roads are slippery and slidey and there’s a layer of dirty salt all over everything. That’s whan I forget the magic.

This is when I could say that this year I resolve to look at things differently; this year I will try to picture my winter happy place and super-impose it over the grimy daily drive. I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything. Do you like winter? What are your favourite things to do and experience in wintertime? If you don’t like winter, how do you get through?

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