Palm to Forehead

I have this thing, where I remember conversations with people, hours, days, weeks, or even months after the fact, and think of something I said then without thinking that now causes me to wince and clap my hand to my forehead like I have the mother of all ice-cream headaches in a “Good Lord, did that really come out of my mouth?!” kind of way. Not that I outright said something bad, but that it could have been taken the wrong way, and how irresponsible am I to have said anything like that and not foreseen the potential problem? It there a name for that? Retro-active Foot-In-Mouth? I don’t know. 

There are plenty of times where I say something and immediately regret it; whether it didn’t come out right, or anything said in anger, etc., but this strikes me as something slightly different. It’s hard enough for a person to own something immediately and admit they’ve said something they feel came out wrong, but I can’t exactly call a person up and rehash some obscure comment from a conversation last January they may not even remember (well, unless this person stopped talking to me after said conversation, indicating I might have finally figured out the reason why. In which case, I totally would). 

Long story short: Sometimes I think it’s a wonder that people still talk to me.

I also wonder if this could be another symptom of perfectionism.

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