2010 Firsts

I really thought I had posted for the year with the last one, but then the NaBloPoMo twitter feed had to go and have a really great prompt today: “Tell us about some of the things you experienced for the first time in 2010.” And well… a) I like talking about myself (when I know what to say) and b) I actually had a few firsts this year, so here we go:

1. First trip to England (I’ll bet you never would have guessed), which incorporated many firsts along with it: First mushy peas (not as bad as one would think, especially and surprisingly, with malt vinegar) and with it, first British ale imbibed on home soil. First trip to/into Stonehenge, first crop circle, first public freak out on a hill with steep edges, first visit to so many places I had only ever read about in books, first time in London, first glimpse of Avalon.

2. First trip to Wales (part of the trip above, but also separate in its own right). Sadly, all too short (less than 1 day), but I plan to go back.

3. First time practicing Reiki on people outside of supportive friends and family.

4. First attendance at a wedding set in a vineyard.

5. First scarily worded diagnosis for someone very close to me. Thankfully, the prognosis is good.

6. First new completely unnecessary, yet fun, gadgety thingamajig for my computer.

I’m sure I’m missing some, I’m sure they run the gamut between good and not so good, but it’s nice to take stock, acknowledge what I can, at any rate. What were some of your firsts for 2010?

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