It’s Delurking Day!

It has come to my attention that today is Delurking Day! So, while I am pretty sure I can name everyone who comes here (and count you all on one hand), if you’re up for it, leave a comment and say hello!

I have been a blog lurker for a long time and have only recently started to leave comments on the blogs I have been following. I get it, it can be a bit nail-biting to put yourself out there like that (especially when I link here– I don’t always!), but know I am working on a safe space for all of us here, so I’ve got your back! If you like, please tell me a little something about you and feel free to ask me a question too. I’ll do my best to answer :-)

Have a great day everyone!

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2 Responses to It’s Delurking Day!

  1. Well I had no idea! That’s awesome! I’ve been prone to lurking for a long time :P The idea of delurking is a tad bit… anxiety-provoking but intriguing. Maybe I’ll try it. No questions right now, but thanks as always for your posts D!!!!

    • imperfectgem says:

      Thanks P! I knew it was sometime in January, but didn’t know it was today until… well, today ;-) I have been afraid to leave comments in the past too, but I’m working on it. I’m honoured you’ve felt comfortable to comment here.

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