My Canada Day Celebrations

Happy Canada Day!! I hope you are spending it doing something you enjoy, where ever you are. I have to say, in recent years, my way of marking the day has gotten decidedly better (for me and how I want to spend it) and I am spending today steeped in some great memories while I simultaneously create new ones.

One year ago today, I was celebrating Canada Day at Stonehenge in England; seeing it for the first time, walking around it, taking in the amazing site that it is. I loved every part of that trip, even when I was up on a very steep hill wondering how I was going to pull myself together enough to get back down. It doesn’t feel like that long ago, yet a lot has happened since then.

Today, I am going over to my new home, the keys for which I picked up last night, and getting my cleaning groove on. It’s exactly where I have wanted to be living for quite some time now. It is clean, bright and sunny, even when the sun is not hitting it directly and I can’t wait to be figuring out where I will put all my stuff. The people running the building seem really great and while I’ll miss having a dishwasher, that’s really the only thing I would change about the place (okay, maybe a little more storage space, but that’s it!). It’s going to be a great summer.

One year from now, I hope to be back in England again with as many of my friends as possible. Can’t wait for that, either.

What about you, my fellow Canadians? How are you spending your day?

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