Update: Going With the Creative Flow

There are less boxes! Actually, there are almost no boxes! There is, however, a healthy layer of clutter all over every available surface in here (as some very kind and understanding guests have seen), and I have a couple of tables that I am still not sure of the ideal placement for, but let’s get back to the almost no boxes thing, because that is pretty awesome. I had forgotten my living spaces were as big as they are, with more floor space coming available every day. I have purged, I am donating and very slowly, I am organizing. It is good.

I am still routinely flooded with wondering how it was that I could so grossly underestimate the available storage space, what I was thinking when I thought this might be a good idea and how I could have been so blind as to the actual state of things, but the other 23 hours of the day I am really trying to stay positive. Initial disappointment aside (acknowledged, but aside), I could certainly have it worse, and I am very, very, grateful I do not.

I am trying to look at this as a little bit of a challenge to get creative, and despite the fact that I was resisting having to “rig” anything here, I am pretty enthused with my fledgling ingenuity until I get some longer term solutions. For instance: my bedside table started as a set of shelves, which I ended up needing elsewhere. I could not find a suitable alternative to purchase for a while, but managed to improvise a little:

Two Ikea chairs and some shelves from another set that I have long since lost the support pegs for. Side note: Anyone know where one could purchase those so I can resurrect my other shelves? Also, if you're into orbs, click to enlarge the picture.

Not quite ready for HGTV, but I am kind of enthused that I was able to create something so workable for the interim out of a few things I already had and just figured out how to put together. For some people this is second nature and I think it is for me, or will be, but I just haven’t had the calling for it yet. I think it’s charming and will be a little sorry to dismantle it, but in reality, I need it to be higher and I need drawers. I took out the personal clutter for the sake of the photo, but there are things I need to have handy that really shouldn’t be out and within reach of nephews, but are right now. Not for long.

I’m also really proud of the fact that since I have had to buy some new furniture, I have managed to stick to my wish to not have “for now” furniture, but to be trying to find things that will be useful for a long time. While what I have in mind are hardly carpentry works of art, they are totally repurpose-able and I can already think of a myriad number of ways they will be serviceable in my next home and beyond. If I can think of it as “guest room” furniture — you know, for when I might actually have one — then it’s good to go.

Un-apartment related, I have recently also started a little on-line course. It’s run by Karen Walrond, called the Chookooloonks Path Finder. It’s a journalling course, and so far, it’s been really great. Every assignment she gives, I think I won’t have an answer for and then I go and surprise myself. I need to get more into the community part, but things have been hectic and with not being able to access it during the day (that old thing about having to “work” or something), I feel I am letting the connection part really slide. But I am enjoying the getting to know me part and seeing what makes me tick. Isn’t it amazing how little you can feel you know yourself? Well, I did, anyways. People have asked me what lights me up and I could not think of a single thing to say to them. Now I am coming up with the answers for myself. I’m even actually doing a vision board! Not something I figured I would be doing, but there you go :-) It’s good.

How about you? What’s lighting you up these days?

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