Five Things

I know that I seem to be inspired quite a lot by Karen Walrond these days (well, many including myself are inspired by her every day, but I realize I am being a bit more vocal about it), but she shared a blogging idea the other day that really got me thinking and generated some really interesting responses from her readers.

Her question: What are the five best decisions of your adult life so far?

To be honest, when I first thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything, but as I let it percolate, the answers came (as they so often do).

My five (in no particular order):

– Taking my first job in the far away place and the friends I made there.

– Moving back closer to family and friends here.

– Learning Reiki and starting my journey into healing work.

– Going on the England trip.

– Quitting the full-time, permanent position 4 days in to take the part-time, contract position that is so much more in line with me and what I want in a job.

What are your five?

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