Life List Update

I’ve had my life list posted almost as long as I have had my blog, so I am guessing that its one year anniversary has passed as well. I haven’t spoken about it much here, but I have been quietly adding to it over the year and what was 89 is now 95 things. It will never be finished, I know that, and I may not get to everything on it, but it’s nice to put stuff out into the universe and see what comes my way. Some are big-ticket things, some are vast and vague, and some are pretty small and specific. All are good. I haven’t crossed anything off in a while, that’s okay too. I am sure that there will come a time where I seem to cross something off all the time!

I debate on what to do with it — do I take some of the simpler ones and make achieving them into blog fodder? Maybe. There are a few that I think would be great for that, and as they are pretty self-directed things, it would help me get off my duff about them too. I have all these ideas on things to post and I never seem to get around to it. Both the things to post about and the posts themselves!

I’m rambling. I thought I would share the new additions:

90. To have the equivalent of my grandmother’s deep freezer, which is always filled with old ice cream pails full of baking, so I can always bring a treat to my friends.

91. Walk the entire labyrinth on Glastonbury Tor.

92. Learn how to properly caramelize onions.

93. On the subject of caramel, get over my fear of boiling sugar, so I can make that too.

94. To go out west to see my extended family once a year, or whenever I need/want to.

95. Go on an African Safari like my friend did. Talk about showing one how it’s done.

One thing I think I have done that maybe I shouldn’t have is listed at least one thing that is more resolution-y than life-list-y, and poor resolution-y at best. That just sets a person up for failure. I made one about getting everyone’s birthday cards to them on time and all that one has done for me is shown me how much I have failed at it this year. I’m thinking of going through mine and taking it (and those like it) off. That’s perfectionism talking, and it has no place there. I feel a little funny removing anything from that list, but it’s not serving anyone, least of all me.

This is one of few times I am going to tell you what to do: If you are constructing a life list, don’t put stuff like that on there. It does not reflect the spirit of the list, which is to dream, big and small, and watch many of them come true right before your very eyes. If you follow anyone else with a life list, or have one yourself, I’m sure you’ve seen it happen. If you don’t, may I suggest this one and this one to start, and follow their links to even more!

What is (would be) on your life list? What dreams have come true for you?

Updated: In going through my list, I actually found one I had unexpectedly sort of achieved recently. Go figure. Also, I deleted the birthday one and added a new 95. Here it is: 95. Eat French food in France. Preferably, Provence. Drink wine and tour vineyards as well. You know, since I’m there.

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2 Responses to Life List Update

  1. Not sure why I came back to this post today, maybe because I’m procrastinating LOL … anyways, re-read your add about caramelized onions, and had always thought about figuring out how to do that myself… so was checking some sites out and saw this recipe and thought – this needs to be shared – onion, goat cheese, baguette – a French one at that… – enjoy! :)

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