This week

Things that have happened this week, in no particular order, but sort of, but not really:

I said goodbye (although I will see her at a Christmas party soon) to a lovely co-worker whose contract was up, reminding me that my days are also numbered at this lovely job.

I updated my resume and cover letter.

I re-examined my income/outgo situation, with a few surprises and realized I have some work to do.

I am reconciling my cheque book.

I consciously found out what bitterness feels like. I know I have felt it before, but this was pretty intense. I didn’t like it, and I didn’t like that I was feeling it for various reasons. I have been angry and frustrated and fearful that I am not doings things well enough. I got a nudging that it was okay to be feeling these things, which has helped me to get over them somewhat. I know it won’t be the last time I feel them, but it won’t scare me that I might be turning into someone I don’t want to be, either. Feelings are okay, people. Even the ones that don’t feel good.

I got the details for a kick-glute trip this summer and have realized that I may have to let this one go, even though it’s been something I have been thinking about since my last kick-glute trip. I am coming to terms with that, although I am just not able to give up hope entirely. The Universe has surprised me before.

I have realized that while things may not be happening or progressing as I would like, I am certainly in a much better position than I could be and I am reminding myself to be grateful for that.

After a funky and interesting dream I woke up with the words “Avalon Voyager” in my head.

Now it is Sunday and I have a coffee and I am writing here. It is good. I have a link to share for people who like to write. I think it’s a goody and have long been a fan of the blogger writing this series:

I hope your weekend has been good. What did your week bring you?

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