A Word on the New Year

I’ve been participating the past couple of years in the practice of choosing a word for the year. Many people who I read do it and it’s a nice practice. I believe it started here, if you are interested in checking it out (that’s her 2012 entry, but it links to previous ones as well). For 2011 I chose illumination and well… let me just say that I have definitely been illuminated. Especially in the last few weeks. Holy cow, 2011. Without getting into specifics, and while acknowledging the good that is also hidden in there somewhere, there has been much forehead smacking in the last few weeks.

So for 2012, I am choosing the word gentle. And this will apply to much more than just being gentle on me (although that is a request, Universe), I realize. I know that I could use some lessons in gentle as well (hopefully gentle ones?). I have been toying with a few other words as well, nurture and nourish. I think they fit well together. Such small words can often bring major happenings that you don’t think of when you choose them. I hope I have chosen wisely!

I hope your celebrations of the new year are fun and safe and I hope that for all of us, 2012 sees our hopes and dreams coming true in better ways that we ever could have imagined for ourselves. Happy new year!

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3 Responses to A Word on the New Year

  1. Ooh I really like this post! Great idea. It reminds me about what S said about choosing wisely, knowing your boundaries, and taking it easy with what you ask for – this is great. I’ll definitely be thinking of a word today. Maybe 2 :) thanks and Happy NYE!

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