A new word for the year came to me on New Year’s Day  and wouldn’t let me go. It makes so much sense to me that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. While I am going to keep the other words from my last post (which I think actually factor in nicely with it), this one takes precedence, I think. My new word of the year is: home.

I tried to look it up to find a definition that I could work in with it for this entry, but dictionaries just list the physical structure of a home. And while I definitely need and want that, what struck me about the word then and continues to strike me almost a week later is the feeling that the word “home” evokes for me. I feel warmth when I say it. I picture a place of peace and safety and security. I get a sense of having a niche and a place where I fit in. It speaks of a place of soothing and love.

That is what I want for this year. My place. Where I can be settled. A physical home, a work home, a home in the sense of the people around me (if that makes any sense). A place where I can stay, that I am not thinking of as a necessary step to what I really want, but to be what I want and to be wanted there.

I can sit here and wind sentences all day on it, but for your sake, I will leave it at that. I hope the universe will be kind with me and this word, I hope if it does go differently than what I am able to picture right now, it’s because it’s actually better than I ever could have imagined.

I am going to try something, and I would like to ask you help with it, dear readers. I am trying to start a gratitude practice. I have been inspired, once again, by this wonderful blog, and while I cannot at this time participate in the supported practice she is offering, I would like to try my hand at thinking of one thing per day to be grateful for and I want to try to record them here once a week, just to make me accountable for it somewhere. Sometimes it will be big things, sometimes it might just be that I had a superb piece of chocolate that day, but I think this could be a nice thing to get into. So, if you could just give me a gentle kick in the pants if you notice I am lagging behind on them, I would be most appreciative :-)

So here goes:

January 1st – I got together with my family for a fun New Year’s Day gathering.

January 2nd – I wore my favourite pair of jeans that are slowly becoming see-through (aside – why must that only happen with the favourites?) and they lasted me yet another day.

January 3rd – My mom’s birthday, and I am extremely grateful for her!

January 4th – I went on a walk by the lake, enjoying the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.

January 5th – I had a really good, productive day at work. I smiled almost the whole way home.

January 6th – I had a fun day out with my mom and a nice visit with my dad.

January 7th – Gorgeous weather – I went on a long walk without needing gloves or head coverings and then continued to sit outside at a park with a coffee and watched the birds on the lake.

So that’s my first week of 2012. How has yours been?

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