Gratitude Week 2

Not much else to talk about this week, so I will just dive right in.

January 8th – Got to a normally super-busy store before the super-busy-ness started and it wasn’t at 5am!

January 9th – Went to yoga. I really like my teacher and I’m glad I’ve found a way to stay with it.

January 10th – Smooth traffic going to and coming home from work.

January 11th – A nice, long evening at home watching one of my favourite shows and still got to bed on time.

January 12th – Two words: Bubble bath. It was so nice to take that kind of time out for myself.

January 13th – Someone very important to me had some fairly intense surgery and in addition to the news that it went well, they were able to have a short, but good, phone conversation with my dad afterwards.

January 14th – It was cold here, but the walk by the lake was still really nice!

I hope your second week of the year was good and the third is even better!

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