Gratitude Week 3

Hey, look at me posting on a weekly basis! Hey, look at how it’s not much else but little gratitude snippets! Unfortunately a late day at work and being rather tired won’t change that today, but as a friend of mine likes to say, it is what it is. Here goes:

January 15th – Spent the day cooking with my mother, which resulted in some pretty awesome leftovers for me :-)

January 16th – Another good eating day, a nice long relaxing evening and got to bed early.

January 17th – My someone of the previous week’s big surgery went home today, when they weren’t expected to be able to for several more yet.

January 18th – My home.

January 19th – Reiki share.

January 20th – Being reminded that I am part of a family that may not see each other for great long stretches of time, but that can still mean we can have a really good visit when we do!

January 21st – A good, long chat with a friend over coffee and then a nap :-)

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