A Little Frustration and A Lot of Gratitude

I’m in the middle of another blog post and the formatting is not cooperating, so I decided instead to deal with it tomorrow and catch up on my gratitude postings. Probably a good thing (she said through gritted teeth. Argh.). I hope you’ve had a good weekend, mine has been nothing short of amazing (hence my frustration at not being able to share it!). I missed last week, so this entry will be long, but I am already finding that I like this practice. I like how it makes me examine every day and find the good. Often it is more than one thing (although I usually just share one here), which I am also grateful for! Here goes:

January 22nd – My cleaning is done. I always appreciate when I do that, as it means I don’t have to do it again for a while :-)

January 23rd – I made a great dinner that will stretch for several work lunches.

January 24th – Several nice e-mails and encouraging words from good friends.

January 25th – My biggest frustration of the day is most definitely classed as a “1st world problem.”

January 26th – I have a good life. Today I was able to stop and appreciate that.

January 27th – I was able to take time to create and dream.

January 28th – I allowed myself to luxuriate on the couch with my nerd puzzles and I still got everything done that I wanted to today.

January 29th – I volunteer once a month at a free Reiki day for cancer patients. I realized today that I have been doing it long enough that I actually get to see their progress (and it’s good progress!). Some have even stopped coming because they don’t seem to feel they need to anymore. It’s a good feeling.

January 30th – I had the opportunity to sit with my coffee in a sunbeam, and I took it.

January 31st – My commute is long, but I still enjoy it. Good tunes and flowing traffic figure heavily into this.

February 1st – I had the realization today that I actually like what I am doing job-wise, and I would like to keep doing it.

February 2nd – It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday and he is awesome. Also, no shadow for the ground-hog, yippee!

February 3rd – I had the time to clean my apartment from top to bottom and get everything in order for a gathering I am about to host.

February 4th – I am reminded, yet again, that while I am still working on winning money-based lotteries (and will continue that important work!!), I win the family and friends lottery daily. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Have a good week everyone.

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2 Responses to A Little Frustration and A Lot of Gratitude

  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks for reminding me to appreciate all the (even the little) things I have in life!

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