Home For a Rest

I’m enjoying my first quiet day in, in quite some time. I’ve been able to get quiet moments here and there, but there’s always been somewhere to go, something to get to (not that I am complaining!). Today has been snowy and cold and wet and I have been drinking warm drinks with my book and the radio. It’s been good; I needed some regeneration time. How do you like to spend your quiet days? The ones where you have no outside demands on your time? The ones where you quiet the “shoulds” and hear the “I wants?”

Gratitude week 6:

February 5 – I got “I love yous” from the little ones in my family.

February 6 – I have a strong constitution and enjoy good health.

February 7 – The other car and I noticed each other in time and we remained two separate, safe vehicles.

February 8 – Significant surprise savings on something I needed to buy.

February 9 – I received good feedback on something I was worried about.

February 10 – The laundry room was pretty well empty when I wanted to use it.

February 11 – The falling snow that changed my morning plans (and allowed me some more rejuvenation time) was no longer an issue for my afternoon errands.

– The title of this post is inspired by Spirit of the West

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