Haven’t Quite Exchanged n’s and m’s for d’s and b’s, But It May Yet Happen

Down with a cold this week. I’ve been fighting it off for a while, so I’m glad it’s finally gotten to the point where I can just deal with it and clear it, but it makes for much sneezing and anyone with stock in kleenex must be watching it rise daily thanks to me (it occurred to me today that people used to deal with this kind of thing with hankies that wouldn’t be thrown away after one good blow, and got thoroughly grossed out. And apparently, had to share, because if I have to picture that, I should share the wealth, no?). I hope you are avoiding the winter colds going around, or if they do strike, that they are small and short-lived. I must say, tea plus a few viewings of Pride and Predjudice (Matthew Macfayden version, although Colin Firth would also be very welcome) is helping immensely and I recommend a similar prescription to anyone needing diversion.

I do have a couple of other posts percolating, but one is super-gushy and needs some serious work and the other is still in inspiration and picture-taking mode. So until then, you get this, which I am happy to present:

Gratitude week 7

February 12 – Cosy day in with no demands on my time.

February 13 – There are people in my life who are willing to drive 40 minutes to help me hang 4 pictures.

February 14 – All the love in my life (of course!).

February 15 – Opportunities for “just the right challenge” challenges at work.

February 16 – Several signs of abundance.

February 17 – Having good friends who can come over for lunch because they quite literally work across the street from me. Will have to do that again!

February 18 – Aforementioned cosy day in (after going out and getting some good news) with Mr. Macfayden. Lovely :-)

Happy weekend, everyone.

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