Turning the Corner

I have been seriously out of commission this week. Well, not like I was staying home sick or anything, but I now know why people run to their dentists mistaking sinus pain for a toothache. Thankfully, I feel I have turned the corner and am back at “Mild Irritation,”  down from “Can Teeth Explode? Because That Might Actually Feel Better,” and feeling better every day.

I am feeling like I am turning the corner on some other things, too. I have gotten some great support and advice this week, following some not so great news, which all has to do with accepting what has happened and going with the flow. As one who has always had very definite ideas on how things “should” be in my life, this is way, way easier said than done, but I am working on it and I feel a change. I’m picturing streams and rivers and the turtle scene from “Finding Nemo” (dude!) to help me along. Do I still hope for a speedy resolution? Yes. Am I trying harder to relax and realize this is something I have very little control over? Yes too.

I’m still doing my gratitude lists, each day I find I am able to think of 3 things without too much digging, which is a nice thing. Here are some of the highlights from the last 2 weeks:

February 19 – I remembered the grocery stores would be closed tomorrow for the holiday in enough time to get there today and get everything I needed for the week.

February 20 – I ironed everything I’ll need for this week, making my morning routine so much easier.

February 21 – Dish-doing dance party.

February 22 – The snow was pretty in the air and melted on the ground.

February 23 – I picked the right person to ask for help.

February 24 – Good visits at a gathering of friends.

February 25 – I listened to my body and allowed it to rest and process after the week.

February 26 – Visited my parents and found my mother had made my favourite meal, just for me (AND instructed me to take all the leftovers!).

February 27 – Tea and a good visit with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

February 28 – My busiest work day suddenly became much lighter.

February 29 – I took some time to do a good, long journalling session.

March 1 – I got the good dryer in the laundry room.

March 2 – I took one of my words of the year to heart and allowed myself to receive some nurturing.

March 3 – A good visit with good friends who go back a long way.

I hope the new month has started well for you.

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