Good Habits

Well, it has definitely been a Week. Lots of ups and downs and turnarounds. I think things are evening out again, for the better. One thing I accomplished this week was finishing the 21-Day Meditation Challenge, offered by the Chopra Centre. I really enjoyed the experience, made all the better by having a “meditation buddy” to help me stick with it. I can be really good at letting things slide and I really wanted to accomplish this, as I have been wanting to bring some quiet to my day (and to my brain) for quite some time. We e-mailed each other about our thoughts on each day and kept each other on track. It’s been great and now I have a habit I hope to keep!

Time for some gratitude.

March 4 – Family gathering fun times.

March 5 – The sunshine was beautiful today.

March 6 – Unexpectedly had lunch supplied today, which is making the whole rest of my week a lot easier.

March 7 – First lunch outside for 2012. The wind was a little chilly, but the sun was lovely and warm.

March 8 – Noticed the trees are budding.

March 9 – Indulged myself with a haircut. It’s amazing how renewed they can make you feel!

March 10 – Great drive to a new place — I found everything I wanted to and it was easy and pleasant.

I hope you had a nice week!

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