We All Have Celtic Roots Today

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is one of my favourite days of the year, and not for the green beer. It is fun to lay claim to the part of my history that is Irish for the day and watch others have that fun too, but that’s not the reason either. For me, it’s the birthday of not one, but two dear ones of mine, as well as the day for me that spring actually arrives. This year it has definitely started already, it’s been beautiful all week and my very faint, yet present, evidence of having been out in the sun from lunches outside and walking in the park is off to a great start (incidentally, it’s always faint. I am a fair-skinned wonder).

Today has been foggy outside all day and I loved it. I didn’t go out in it, but I still felt like I was in some kind of fairy tale (or an Irish faerie glen!), like if I had gone down to the lake I could have woven my way into the mist and felt like I had the park to myself, no matter how many visitors were there. Like it would have muffled the sounds as well as the sights. Instead, it helped me to stay inside and get some work done, which I needed. I took lots of breaks to look out the windows.

I’m trying to think of a good segue into the gratitude portion of this post, but to no avail. So instead, here’s my list for this week:

March 11 – Despite knowing everyone and their dog would be at the park (and they were!), I still got out for a walk in the beautiful weather.

March 12 – I received news that my newest family member arrived safe and sound and already has his parents wrapped around his wee finger.

March 13 – Got a message today that even though my time at my workplace has been short, it mattered.

March 14 – Lunch outside in the beautiful weather.

March 15 – I enjoyed the amazing thunder and lightning show, with only a few nervous moments at its height, as I drove into work.

March 16 – A solitary venture to the park turned into surprise gelato and a nice visit with friends that I ran into while there.

March 17 – The birthday of people who I’m very grateful to have in my life.

I didn’t have a green drink, but my Guinness glass holds a good-sized Coca-Cola float at any rate :-) If you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, what do you like to do?

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