I Just Can’t Think of a Title for This One

I hope you had a nice long weekend! Mine was mostly quiet, with my nose buried in a book, but also somewhat busy with forays to see friends, family and meet new puppies. It was good. Still working on relaxing and allowing things to come together and sending out applications like crazy. I know my opportunity is here, it just needs to present itself.

Gratitude week… (counting on fingers)… 14! Wow, that’s 1/4 of the year already.

April 1 – Not one, but two good movies on TV.

April 2 – A beautiful day and the opportunity to be at two of my favourite places in the city.

April 3 – My fancy Sunday dinner stretched not just 2 days, but 3.

April 4 – A good visit that got me out of my head.

April 5 – Promising news that will help me get through the weekend.

April 6 – Clean sheets and fresh pjs. A couple of my favourite things.

April 7 – A day that was surprisingly productive, even though I spent much of it in a book as well!

How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was good.

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