Focus on the Positive

I just gave myself an honest-to-goodness headsmacker moment. Still sending out resumes and covers letters like crazy when I notice today that one of the cover letters I have been using as a base has some grammatical and punctuation errors in it that make me look like an idiot. Oh my God. I’m alone at home and blushing in horror. In hindsight, I know I went over some and meant to get back to the original to make the corrections and well, that’s apparently today! That’s just so great. So helps me to stay positive. Argh.

So. I’m breathing through the constrictions in my throat and chest and working on being grateful that I have spotted it and corrected it now and hoping each letter gets reviewed on its own merit and I have not been now black-balled as a terrible grammarian. I have to tell you, I hate this not knowing. I hate this limbo I am in. I don’t know what to do and it’s just awful and terrifying. I am just working on getting through each day and remembering that my thing is out there. I can do this.

So, let’s get to some gratitude:

April 8 – A change of scenery for the day.

April 9 – My third cold of the year is clearing up quickly.

April 10 – I felt heard and understood when visiting with a friend.

April 11 – I made the all-day spaghetti sauce and even without 2 key ingredients, it was pretty tasty!

April 12 – 2 walks, 1 long, 1 short, both good.

April 13 – Lunch here with a good friend.

April 14 – I got to go somewhere that gives me comfort.

Here’s to better days for all of us. Let’s all think good thoughts.

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