Better Today

I went to write a post yesterday, but I was just not in a good place. I have been enjoying some moments of inner peace tonight, which has been some welcome relief. Things are a bit stressful around here, I gave notice to move out of my apartment and will be leaving in 4 weeks, as well as a few other job-seeking related things going on, which have me a bit heightened. What I am working on now is just going with the flow, keeping myself well fed and trying to get enough sleep. And packing. Lots and lots of packing to do. While keeping my place inviting for prospective tenants! Ha ha ha!

Things that are good: Seeing people regularly. Asking for help and accepting it. Telling people how I am feeling, instead of keeping it in, even if I fear being seen as needy. I’m just letting it out. I know there will come a point where things will be better for me and I will be able to be a listener for others. Until then, I so appreciate everyone’s patience while I work this out. And perhaps whine on your shoulders. Just a little bit.

Of the many things I have to be grateful for, here are a few highlights from last week:

April 15 – Family home safe from a long trip.

April 16 – Knowing I have a place to go for as long as I need it.

April 17 – A well-timed phone call from a good friend.

April 18 – I braved dropping a resume off in person.

April 19 – A nice day out with my favourite mom.

April 20 – Took the time to invite positive energy into my home and life.

April 21 – A day full of friends and family and supportive talks.

I have so much good in my life. It’s humbling and makes me so thankful. I wish the same for you.

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