This is it, I move tomorrow. My things, that is. I’ve been going back and forth already for a few days now. It’s been good to be able to just get everything packed and then be away from the chaos. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my things go back into storage and after some final touches (cleaning, etc.), I will hand in my keys next week. Now that it’s actually happening, I find I am a little dazed by it all. I wander around my apartment and make sure everything is properly sealed, ready for the movers. Today I go to make one final check that everything’s ready for them.

For all my frustrations about this place, I find myself sad to go, isn’t that funny? I had managed to turn my attitude about it around, I know, but I’m still surprised by how I feel about it. I’ll miss the proximity to the lake for sure, it’s been so easy to walk and enjoy the park and the area. I’ll miss being close to the lovely downtown area too. I’m glad I’ll miss it; that means it really was the right place for me to be at the time. That feels good.

There’s so much to be grateful for right now. That makes me feel good too.

May 6 – Productivity and a nice family dinner all in one day.

May 7 – Ran into a good friend during one of my walks.

May 8 – I got to go to a great yoga class today thanks to a good friend.

May 9 – Some really great help with packing and getting organized.

May 10 – I gave the presentation I was nervous about and turned out to really enjoy it!

May 11 – The supports I have. I am so lucky.

May 12 – A day out in clothes that aren’t sweaty and dusty!

May 13 – Mother’s Day calls attention to it, but every day I am so grateful for my mom.

May 14 – I got everything done that needed doing and found good sales on some much-needed items.

May 15 – The apartment windows are open and the smell of fresh grass is throughout.

May 16 – Coffee with a good friend and an easy fix to a problem I was worried about.

May 17 – Decluttering what I don’t use to benefit someone else.

May 18 – Some promising job leads this week.

May 19 – Move the first completed smoothly.

I hope your week is good and that any whirlwinds in your life (and mine) are bringing about good changes.

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