I Am Looking Forward To…

Telling my yoga teacher and friend that I am coming back to class. Telling people I have a start date. Paying off what’s left of my student loans in chunks. Saying “yes” to the position that is even better than I could have wished for. Having more savings in the bank. Getting caught up on baby gifts. Meeting my man. Enjoying my work. Having free time that is really free. Supporting my friends’ small businesses. E-mailing my friend and seeing if she can squeeze me in for a “back to work” haircut. Growing my retirement savings. Pursuing more personal and professional learning opportunities. Shopping for new work clothes. Shopping for new life clothes. And many other exciting things.

I am grateful for:

May 20 – Productive packing day.

May 21 – A good night’s sleep.

May 22 – More good work done.

May 23 – Great talk with my dad.

May 24 – Move the second completed smoothly.

May 25 – Help with the finishing touches. Being sad to leave.

May 26 – Being told family stories I never knew before.

May 27 – Two days in a row of non-sweaty/dusty clothes.

May 28 – The last of the apartment things are finished and the keys are handed in.

May 29 – Comfort food dinner.

May 30 – I have a life-long friend whose birthday is today.

May 31 – A nice walk in great weather.

June 1 – All-day rains that were very much needed here. I loved the wind that came with them too.

June 2 – The diversion that a really great movie can provide.

What are you looking forward to?

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