Home: A Work in Progress

I have taken up the practice in the last couple of years of choosing a word for the year. It’s been interesting and I really like how, especially last year, the word popped into my head, with my reaction being, “of course!” This year though, I don’t feel like I am finished with my word from last year, so I am choosing it again. Maybe in that way it’s more of a life theme, rather than a word of the year. I guess we’ll see. My word is home.

A lot has happened since my choosing it last year. There has been upheaval and sadness, there has been a life preserver or few and hope, and now I am waiting for permanence, but in one aspect of my life, I have found home. It’s waiting for the finishing touches, but it is here and mine and I am really happy about it.

I feel now like I am starting a new phase of a longer project. While I don’t know why all of the aspects of the word I spoke about last year didn’t all come at once, I wonder if it’s more because I need to focus on one thing at a time, or because this one is a pretty big one (work and career and finding joy there without outside distractors) and once I am settled here, I will have the foundation I need to be able to bring in the other aspects, which can be quite heady in their own rights. I need to be well grounded in order to be at my best.

Foundation, or having a good base of support, or roots, or whatever you want to call them, is so important to me. That’s when I feel the most able to take leaps and fly — when there is a good, solid foundation to leap from and return to. So I have been thinking along these lines lately too and adding that to my thoughts on home.

I have definite ideas as to what aspects of home I would like to come together for me, but I am really trying to stay open to the process. Take opportunities as they come, do what feels right for me and keep in mind that there’s more than one way for this all to come about and maybe the way that I haven’t thought of is even faster and easier than what I can fathom. Scary and exciting.

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