An Old/New Resolution

2013 first batch 028

Actually, it looks like I have the next 5 years of resolutions covered, go me! I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, even before I started my gratitude posts last year (I know, I was craving a journal. Who does that? Nerds do. I have many journals yet to fill and I love all forms of school supplies as well.). I really liked doing my gratitude posts last year. It just… It felt a little preachy, especially when for a while, that was all I was posting. Also, I was writing them down on little pieces of paper, which, as is the wont of little pieces of paper, went everywhere. I like this because it will keep everything together and as each year goes by, I’ll see the previous years’ entries. Should be fun! Also, with it being beside my bed each night, it will be much more of a reminder to do it.

I came up with another resolution today. Check my facts. This after e-mailing my good friend, M, who may not consider me such a good friend after this, since I wrote her congratulating her on her cookbook reading resolution, when it was PARENTING books she had resolved to read. Oh yes. Go me. Who knows how those wires got crossed, but they did. Learn from me everyone, check your facts. And M, I apologize again! Argh.

I hope your new year has started off well. Have you been tired? I have been tired. Like, could stay in bed all day, even though I am so grateful to have several many reasons to get up, tired. It could also be due to the fact that have it arranged so that the cosy dial goes up to 11… It’s pretty sweet. It will pass, I think we’re all going through it. I am very happy to see the light stay longer into the evenings again. When I leave work at a decent time, I can get home before it’s fully dark! Woo!

I think 2013 is the start of some things wonderful for us all (and continuation of those things wonderful that have already started). I am looking forward to seeing what this year will bring. I’ve been seeing some cool signs and having some neat discussions already. I hope you have too.

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2 Responses to An Old/New Resolution

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh D, no worries! I totally understand. Great to see you blogging again.

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