I Dunno

I’m toying with the idea of trying a new blog. I like this space, but I feel like I can only post certain things here, for some reason. Earnest things, profound things, deep things. Thoughtful and auspicious and full of portent. I have no idea why I think that way. And I’m not like that all of the time and quite honestly, I’m not overly that way most of the time. I have been more serious lately than even I want from myself (and I am pretty okay with being serious!). I want to have fun. I want to write about fun, silly, frivolous things. Or whatever is in my head for that day, no matter what it is. Right now, I find myself struggling with what is “worthy” of being on here, isn’t that silly? On a blog? Worthy? Take yourself way, way, WAY too seriously much?

So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do here. I don’t think I always felt this way, thinking back to some of my early posts, I think I was posting about whatever took my fancy, so I have no idea why all of a sudden things seem to MATTER in a way they didn’t before. For those few of you who read, what are your thoughts? I’m thinking I’ve maybe got some tunnel vision as to what my themes have been. If I started talking about my love of flavoured coffee here and how much I love shopping, or how I can do a pretty good valley girl accent (rusty, but not bad if I do say so myself), would that clash what whatever I give the impression I’m doing here, or would it fit right in and I’m just not seeing it? I think I feel like I have been doing so much work on myself that I should be all-philosophical-all-the-time. I don’t think any of us want that.

Just musing. Out loud. Well, in writing, but you get my drift. Okay, stopping now.

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3 Responses to I Dunno

  1. I say blog about whatever you wish to blog about–this is your space and you shouldn’t feel like you need to categorize or justify it! I, personally, would love to hear your thoughts about flavoured coffee!

  2. beckaswan says:

    I think this is your space and do with it what you want. Everytime I write a post I ask people if it’s good enough. And the response is – who cares. If the blog is to reflect who you are, then that is multi-faceted. And if you want this to have a full on purpose, and want another blog for different reasons, that’s fine too. But I wouldn’t worry too hard about it. Write. Enjoy the writing. And then post it where you want to. It’s your blog. own it lady.

  3. imperfectgem says:

    Thanks ladies. I wonder if it’s a form of writer’s block, or a way to keep myself from posting something the I worry would be taken the wrong way. Thinking it’s not profound enough when really, you’re right. This space is for me and what I make of it is for me. Thank you!

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