A Little Thing That Makes Me Happy

Coffee aficionados, turn away. I am about to admit something very upsetting to you. You see, I really like coffee. I like it so much that I will drink it decaffeinated. I like it so much that I have trained myself to skip sugar and only use milk most of the time (well, okay, that’s a health thing too, but it lets me experience more of the bean, right?). I like it so much that I practically have to sit on my hands when there is a full pot and I have had my quota for the day, because otherwise I don’t sleep until 3am. But my one true love of coffee, my coffee kryptonite if you will, is coffee that is flavoured.*

I know! But there it is. I feel like a load has been lifted.

I don’t know what it is, but that little something extra, it just makes me happy. It’s like coffee+. And it amazes me how many things pair so nicely with coffee. Chocolate, naturally; but also caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, butter pecan… Mmmm butter pecan… My only wish is that I could find flavoured decaf, although it may be best of I don’t. To that end, I have tried flavour shots, but I have yet to find a flavour shot that gives it the same rich aroma, or anything close to the same kind of yumminess, that flavoured coffee has. Plus, it goes back to being sugary, and while I do tend to add a little sugar to flavoured coffee, flavour shots would be too much.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post, but I just like that it can take such a little thing like that to give me a nice lift to my day. It makes it a little more special, a little more of a treat. It’s something I do to take care of myself. To give myself a little Valentine, any time of the year. I think that’s something important to do.

I know there are other things I do for myself along this line. I like to give myself fresh sheets and towels every week. I like to buy a simple snack/dinner and take it to my favourite park (light permitting) and watch the water. I like to sing along to my favourite songs when I am by myself (and dance!). I like to go shopping on Saturday mornings before the stores get crowded. Other weekends, I like sleeping in and staying in pjs until noon.  What I do one day, I may not do again for weeks at a  time, or I may do it again the very next day. It depends on what I need and what I can do about it at that time.

This is sounding very “fill your cup” -ish, and I guess that is what I am doing, isn’t it? Well good. I will fully admit, I am still working on this. There are many times when I feel like I am running ragged. It’s a fine balance. I’m going to keep working on it.

(And I should say, I don’t just drink coffee, although it does seem to be what I crave these days. I also like water, tea, milk, juice, club soda, hot chocolate, pop and several varieties of grown-up beverages.)

(Oh. And I also drink instant on many an occasion. But let’s not dwell on that.)

*This does not apply to eggnog flavour. Using actual eggnog with it is likely much more tasty (haven’t tried it yet).

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3 Responses to A Little Thing That Makes Me Happy

  1. Meredith says:

    I think your affection for flavoured coffee is like my adoration of ice cream. I could wax on poetically about it–and probably should on my food blog! I will keep a look out now for some interesting/novel kinds of flavoured decaf coffee for you. We all need to treat ourselves and you’re lucky that your coffee is calorie-free (unlike my ice cream)!

    • imperfectgem says:

      Ice cream! I knew there was something (of many things) I forgot! Oh yes, if H.D. or B&J’s is on sale, I am all over that too. If I pair it with my coffee, that’s like halving the calories, right?
      And yes, please blog about it :-)

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