More Good Things

Big treat tomorrow, I am gifting myself a massage. This is big because I finally just decided to go for it because I need it. My skin is not as clear as I would like (sorry, RMT friend!), my job situation is nearly resolved (granted I have a little assistance from a gift certificate) and countless other reasons that I would normally delay it, but I just really need to do something really nice for myself right now. It’s been far to long and I am excited about it! It’s been one I have been wanting to get for a while. Getting it is also making me declare the whole day as a spa day and I am going to spend it relaxing and doing things I like doing: some reading, some resting, maybe I’ll even meditate or something! The day is mine to do with what I like and I am so digging it.

(Yes, “digging it.” It’s what came to mind. I blame hearing “Dancing Queen” yesterday on the Back in the Day Double Play on my way to work. Hard to get better than starting the day with Abba!)

Other treats in store this weekend: I bought some flavoured coffee for at home. It is weekend coffee only, because my attempts to make it half-caff failed (and I don’t need the jitters at work!), but I think this also makes it more special. High energy and special. Had one of my favourite simple dinners of brie and a baguette with some wine tonight and felt very French. There are fresh sheets and towels at the ready (once I get them where they need to be) and I’m seeing family on Sunday. All in all, I am happy with the way this weekend is shaping up. I’d love to hear your plans!

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