Weekend check-in

My good friend M sent me an e-mail after my last post saying (among other very nice things), “Thirty-eight, shmirty-eight!” and I thought, “She’s right! Thirty-eight, shmirty-eight! Thirty-eight, shmirty-eight! Raaaaaawr!!” Then yesterday the nice person doing my pedicure (yesterday was a good day!) said, “Oh, and I see you have a corn there, here’s some advice on that.” So, where’s my cane?

Ah well. Thirty-eight, shmirty-eight. I have lots of things on me that aren’t yet falling apart, so I am still in pretty good shape. I’m not going to mention them here, just so as not to tempt the fates, but I’m doing well, if I do say so myself.

That’s it, nothing more thinky today than that, I’m afraid. The weather is wonderful and I am full-on distracted just enjoying it all. I hope you are too.

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