Goodbye, 2013.

Goodbye, 2013. I am not sad that you are over, but I am the person I am now in part from everything I experienced this year and I am starting to like her a whole lot. So thank you.

Thank you for the good times. They were fun and great and full of laughter.

Thank you for the lessons, both the easy and the hard. I am stronger because of them and I will carry this newly gained wisdom with me as I release the other aspects of them that I no longer need.

I am thankful for the wonderful people who continue to be in my life and for the great new people who have entered my life, many of whom are brand new themselves. They don’t replace those who have gone, but they have brightened the lives of the families they have joined and we are all the better for having them here.

Thank you 2013 for making way for the new year to come.

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