Welcome, 2014!

I have such a good feeling about this year. I’ve been so excited for it to get here and I think it will be great! I thought I would start the year off with some positive intentions. Not resolutions per se, but what I would like to keep in mind and attract for myself in the coming year.

1. I want to learn to be happy now. Not when such-and-such happens; not when I hit some milestone that I think will make me happy. I want to be happy in myself, here and now, every day. I am enough.

2. I want to be more open to love, in all of its forms.

3. I want to welcome abundance and prosperity into my life in all of its forms and trust that it is there for me always.

4. I want to become more accepting of myself. Flaws and all, I am a pretty neat person, it’s about time I saw that.

5. Along that line, I want to forgive myself and accept myself for being a bit different from what I sometimes think I “should” be and move on to discover all of the lovely things about myself that I never knew.

6. I want to see the good things all around me. I’m continuing with my gratitude practice off-line and it is helping.

7. I want to discover the things that are my joy and follow them.

I think that’s enough for now. I also hope to do some more things on my life list, but I will let those things come up as they may. They usually do. I wish you a stupendous year for 2014. May it be full of love and amazingness and everything wonderful that you could dream of and more.

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