What’s Up

I want to write more here, more often. I have no idea what about, but my fingers itch to type and write here. It would be nice if a topic would spring to mind. Maybe it would while I typed.

I am a little preoccupied these days, there’s a meeting tomorrow that could determine if and how there might be a way for me to stay at my job and at least be internal for new postings, if still having to search to supplement my hours (although having lots of hours would also really be a great thing!). There’s also an election coming up where new funding that got promised right beforehand could be honoured, or go up in smoke. I am hoping for honoured.

So, I say this all to ask for and invite any and all positive thoughts towards these things going my way and keeping me in a job I love, where I learn every day and work with amazing people, doing something that makes me feel good. And I will wish the same for you, because I think no matter what job it is that we have, it should make us feel good and put us in touch with good people and good energy.

So, thank you.


Update: My contract has been extended to the end of August! Thanks for all of your positive thoughts, I so appreciate it! I am going to continue to hope that I can just stay and do what I can to make it so.

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