Hello! I am delighted that you have found my blog. I’m not sure what shape it will be taking on from here, but for now it’s about me and what’s running through my head (you have been warned). Some days, I may have something really deep and thought-provoking to say, but mostly you will be dealing with the little bits of day-to-day life, such as how I am trying to eliminate smilies (smileys?) and an overage of exclamation points from my typing. Wish me luck!! ;-)

I am working on making this a space of positivity, but I can’t promise that will always be the case, as I am human and as such, get frustrated, angry, sad, etc. What I will always strive to do is keep this space respectful and safe for all who visit and I request that you do the same while here. We’re all old enough to know our manners; please show respect to everyone here and I will make sure it is shown to you as well. Thank you.