Life List

My original inspiration to make this list came from here and here. I hope to change and update it frequently, so if you’re interested, watch this space. Some of them I will freely admit I have seen on other lists and thought, “Great idea!” and aside from copying this whole list and claiming it as yours, please feel free to add any of mine to yours as well if they resonate with you. I think it’s part of the idea and a way for people participating to inspire each other. I hope you have as much fun creating and fulfilling yours as I am having with mine. If you have a life list you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it!

You may notice some blank spaces from time to time, and that’s deliberate. Sometimes our goals in life change, or things that used to exist don’t anymore, so those things don’t make sense to keep on here anymore, and when I am ready, I remove them. I may not necessarily have an idea to take its place just then, but in creating the space for something new, I know it will come.

My Life List:

1. Well, I’d really like to meet my guy. The one who is the best person possible for me and I am the best person possible for him.

2. Related to #1.

3. Road trip across Canada.

4. Go to Scotland and have the most awesome historical and ancient sacred sites tour. Also, see if I can develop a taste for scotch. Scotch is good. No “developing a taste” needed. Winter 2016. Scotland soon…

5. A big family reunion at the farm once everyone in my family is “here.”

6. Have my kids visit the farm when they are old enough to remember it in detail, while it’s still in the family.

7. Have the farm kids picture made.

8. Have a prosperous career that I love, which gives me the opportunity to live my life the way I want to.

9. Start a blog that had a name that fits me and I love – October 1, 2010

10. Use my green thumb to its fullest potential, such as having a vegetable garden.

11. Learn how to take great pictures with whatever camera I have.

12. Get a great camera and learn how to use it.

13. Taste 500 wines. Just let me clarify that this list is a lifetime in the making and doing—I will not be trying to accomplish this in a year! – Well on my way, but need to start keeping track with a list.

14. Learn to enjoy cooking and make food that I love.

15. Live in a home I love, in an area that I love, for as long as I want to be there. Have this be true for every home I have. Looking…

16. Learn how to edit video on my computer.

17. Try parasailing.

18. Switch to responsibly raised meat, eggs, milk, etc.

19. Eat Italian food in Italy.

20. Eat Greek food in Greece.

21. Drink Guinness in Ireland.

19, 20 & 21a) also see their amazing sights!

22. Visit my family in New Zealand and have lots of time to visit the whole country.


24. See the Maritime and Atlantic provinces (in case #3 doesn’t come about right away, these are the only provinces I haven’t seen yet).

25. Visit the Territories during the summer (cold weather wimp).

26. Spend several consecutive days being pampered at a spa retreat.

27. Go on amazing spiritual retreats.

28. Have an annual girls’ retreat with my favourite ladies.

29. Learn to cook some of my favourite exotic dishes.

30. Be a good writer, while enjoying writing whatever it is that I get to write.

31. Fill my home with beautiful, amazing artwork that I love.

32. Have one of those pieces of artwork be something I made/photographed/whatever.

33. Learn to knit and maybe also crochet.

34. Send more thank you notes and handwritten letters in general. This ebbs and flows, but I’m happy when I do it.

35. Learn how to use photography software (any recommendations that have good free trial software?).

36. Try many forms of artwork to see if I like them/have talent.

37. Sing as part of a group in front of a crowd. Which, I’ve already done, but not as a self-conscious adult.

38. Try joining a theatre group.

39. Learn to dance – I can move to the beat, but I want to learn different styles – partnered dances (swing, tango, waltz), hip-hop, belly dancing, tap, ballet, etc. Got to try belly dancing and I recommend it! I would love to do it again if I can find a place (the old one closed). Fall 2013

40. Find a sport I like to do, with people who are accepting of whatever talent level I have for it.

41. Buy myself flowers when the mood strikes.

42. See Stonehenge from inside and have an amazing trip in England. July 2010. Ready to see it again.

43. Do that trip again, with some new sites to see, with as many of the original group as possible.

44. Find a great instructor and get back into yoga. December 2011.

45. Have massages on a regular basis.

46. Learn to trust and heed my intuition.

47. Have my kids meet My Grandma. I capitalize it, because I want them to know her as the same amazing woman who bowls me over every time I see her. She’s just so awesome.

48. Go on a fun girls’ trip. July 2010; January 2014; ready for the next one

49. Buy local as much as I can and find great farmer’s markets wherever I live.

50. Practice Reiki. This is actually already happening, because technically, I do practice it now. However, I keep playing with the idea of “going pro,” which is what this item represents.

51. Take a Master level course in Reiki. May 2010 (Usui); September 2013 (Kundalini)

52. Remind myself to be my own hero, but to also know when to ask and accept help. I’m working on it.

53. Have a portrait done.

54. Write the journals for the kids in my family.


56. Try my hand at crafting.

57. Try 100 fancy mixed drinks (aka “girly” drinks). I am open to suggestions, do you have a favourite? “Killer Kool-Aid,” July 2011. “Berry Fizz” (berry boozy. yikes.) May 2014 Belini (frozen) summer 2015.

58. Learn about alternative and complimentary healing techniques, such as properties of crystals and the like. Doing more with that…

59. Take a jewelry making class, such as silversmithing with gemstones.

60. Try glass blowing.

61. Take a pottery class.

62. Take a photography class.

63.Changing up my… beauty routine? That sounds pretentious, but I don’t know what else to use… to include environmentally friendly, natural and organic soaps/lotions/bubble baths/oil with beautiful and fun scents. Maybe learn how to make some of them for myself. This is a bit trickier than I expected in some ways, yet easier than I thought in others. There are some good, Canadian brands out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg! I hope to write about this soon.

64. Go on wine tasting tours when I visit wine regions around the world (I would love to start with a Canadian one, any suggestions?).

65. Go to interesting spiritual places in North America.

66. Go to interesting (and safe to visit) spiritual places around the world.

67. No longer give my inner critic the time of day.

68. Go on one of those airplanes that make you weightless.

69. Get to love my work while I am at work, and leave it behind when I am living my life.

70. Start riding roller coasters again.

71. Be in better shape at 40 and beyond, in all ways, than I ever was at 30. In some ways, this is happening, and it’s good.

72. Learn the constellations and accompanying stories and see the real thing in an observatory.

73. Speak in front of an audience comfortably. 1st part, September 2011 and it was better than I thought. Spring 2015. Still waiting for “comfortably” to kick in.

74. Have a home/cottage surrounded by nature.

75. Conversely, live in a great, fun, safe neighbourhood with great schools.

76. Bring back some of that bold little girl I used to be!

77. To like most, if not all, photos taken of me.

78. Take “me” time on a regular basis.

79. Learn how to fly a plane.

80. Be my own boss at something I really enjoy and be great at it.

81. To live exactly where I want to live.

82. To have land and gardens to enjoy.

83. Host a fun party with confidence. 1st part, February 2012. The 2nd will come with practice.

84. Be on a radio show, be mostly eloquent and have fun doing it.

85. To learn to like, love and appreciate myself.

86. To find/allow in and accept prosperity and abundance for myself.

87. To live in gratitude every day. Still using a gratitude journal off line. It helps.

88. Visit all the chakras of the earth (I know! Who knew?). Heart chakra (and apparently that year, 3rd eye) – Glastonbury, July 2010

89. To have the equivalent of my grandmother’s deep freezer, which was always filled with ice cream pails full of baking, so I can always bring a treat to my friends.

90. Walk the entire labyrinth on Glastonbury Tor.

91. Learn how to properly caramelize onions. Begun March 2013.

92. On the subject of caramel, get over my fear of boiling sugar, so I can make that too. Step 1: Recipe found (I think), March 2013. Funnily enough, the same day I tackled #91.

93. To go out west to see my extended family whenever I need/want to. 2013 was good for this. 2015 too.

94. Go on an African Safari like my friend did. Talk about showing one how it’s done.

95. Eat French food in France. Preferably, Provence. Drink wine and tour vineyards as well. Since I’m there.

96. Try geocaching.

97. Learn to use a cast iron pan in cooking.

98. Go on an archaeological dig (Should the Time Team come calling, I think I have the qualifications to be a great Pottery Sherd Washer). Hmmm… DigVentures?

99. Learn to play the violin.

100. Buy myself presents, even ones that I might consider spendy and frivolous, from time to time, without guilt. January 2014. So, so happy with it. Totally worth it. Saving up for the next!

101. Learn to play the guitar. A ukelele (an ukelele?) would also be fun.

102. Learn some easy, fail-safe/foolproof hairstyles that will work with my features and save me from bad hair days. Age and work appropriate. Cutting it off is not an option (it becomes a whole other kind of hassle!).


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