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Dust Bunnies

Here I am, back in this space. Things that have happened since my last post… I worked, I saw friends and family, I turned 40, I had some fun. Life has been busy and good. I don’t know what I … Continue reading

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Enchantment 2015

I totally meant to do an end of year post for 2014, but I really don’t know what I would have said. It was a funny year. Lots of good, lots of stress. The fall flew by in such a … Continue reading

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Flying, Sprinting, Dancing

During a recent conversation, I was asked what freedom felt like to me. I answered in a common-sense kind of way, but afterwards, I found myself thinking of what freedom really feels like to me; what I feel in my … Continue reading

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I’ve been asking myself a question more and more lately: Who would I be if I didn’t worry all of the time? If I wasn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop, what could I be doing with that time? … Continue reading

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What’s Up

I want to write more here, more often. I have no idea what about, but my fingers itch to type and write here. It would be nice if a topic would spring to mind. Maybe it would while I typed. … Continue reading

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So far, it really is much better than I thought.

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Information Overload

I published this and then I made it private because I thought it was dumb; however, I’ve been seeing a bit of a trend in this topic on (ironically) some of the sites I follow, so I’m publishing it again. … Continue reading

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